29.03.2011 - 10:00 Uhr

The perfect smartphone tariff: mobilcom-debitel’s ‘Flat 4 You’ for just 25 euros per month

Five flat rates – this is what sets the new mobilcom-debitel phone tariff apart from the rest. For the extremely low price of just 25 euros per month, new customers get a mobile Internet flat rate, an SMS Allnet flat rate, an on-net flat rate, an on-net MMS flat rate and another mobile flat rate of your choice. And if you still need the latest smartphone, for only 10 euros per month you can choose the right handset for you from a wide range.

The new special "Flat 4 You" offer from mobilcom-debitel, offers all smartphone users an all-round service with its total of five flat rates - at an especially low price and best D-Netz quality. In addition to the flat rate for surfing the mobile Internet, the SMS Allnet flat rate, the on-net MMS flat rate and the on-net flat rate for calls, the user can use an additional flat rate for the mobile network of their choice - whether Telekom, O2 and E-Plus. In this way, the new tariff from Germany's largest network-independent telecommunications provider combines an all-round flat rate with a flexible tariff component. "In this way we introduce a bit of freedom into everyday use, thereby perfecting the tariff offer for every smartphone user," says Frank Bösenkötter, Head of Products & Offers at mobilcom-debitel. "With ‘Flat 4 You’ we offer each new customer the opportunity to choose the most suitable mobile network for them as an individual free as an additional flat rate. And all at a sensationally low price that is unequalled in this form on D-Netz."

The mobilcom-debitel "Flat 4 You" tariff at a glance:
• Mobile Internet flat rate
• SMS Allnet flat rate
• On-net MMS flat rate
• On-net flat rate
• An external network flat rate of your choice (Telekom, O2, E-Plus)
• Contract duration: 24 months
• Connection fee: €25.95 (waived if ordered online)
• Calls to landlines: €0.29
• Non-flat rate calls on mobile networks: €0.29
• Contract duration: 24 months
• Package price: €25/month
• Mobile phone option: €10/month

The offer is available now in the mobilcom-debitel shops, at Saturn and MediaMarkt stores, as well as selected retailers and soon also online at www.md.de. For further information, find your nearest contact at www.md.de/shopfinder.

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