04.08.2011 - 11:00 Uhr

Love at first site: Online dating sites freenetSingles and single.de tie the knot

Single.de: Click here for love ‘at first site’
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Single.de: Click here for love ‘at first site’


• Large new dating platform with over 2 million screened members now at www.single.de

The two online dating sites single.de and freenetSingles are joining their fortunes and now offer everyone looking for friendship and love a big new platform at www.single.de with added features and – more importantly – even more candidates to choose your love interest from.

The love of your life may be just a click away at Single.de. By creating a platform containing more than 2 million screened profiles, the merger of the two online dating sites now provides even more possibilities for people to find their dream partners quickly and easily – all under the heading ‘Hier verliebst Du Dich’.

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