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The strategy of the freenet Group
Growth by means of continuous optimisation and extension of the product and service portfolio in the Digital Lifestyle field, making consistent use of existing strengths and competences as well as existing and new distribution channels.
For freenet, Digital Lifestyle comprises the subjects of telecommunications, Internet, energy, TV as well as all services, applications and devices which are associated with or which can be controlled by a mobile device.
Our common mission
We offer our customers selected products for individual requirements. For this purpose, we primarily use our own products, but also use third-party products if we consider that they are more suitable.
Our Digital Lifestyle range comprises telecommunications, Internet, energy, devices and all contents, applications and devices which are associated with mobile devices or which can be controlled or used via an intelligent device.
Our mission statement comprises customised advice - which also means that we refer customers to other providers if we do not have the suitable range of products or services. We learn from our customer contacts, and use this information for improving existing or developing new products.
We are always close to our customers, and for this purpose use our high-street sales outlets, landline, mobile communications, stationary and mobile Internet as well as communities, networks and much more besides.
Values in co-operation
How do we treat each other?

We act in line with binding, consistent and sustainable principles!
We agree what has to be done, and also agree where, when and (by) when it has to be done. We always notify changes proactively to our contacts, and also expect that we receive the same treatment in return. We always keep promises which we make - even long-term promises. We check beforehand to determine whether we are able to keep our promise. If it becomes evident that we will not be able to keep promises which we have made, we notify this and agree new timing. We are aware of mutual dependencies, and treat them with respect.

We operate in full awareness of our responsibility!
We exercise personal initiative in taking on our tasks and responsibilities. We take on personal responsibility for ensuring that such tasks are fulfilled. We deliberately observe what is happening. We think in advance and address problems at an early stage. We are aware that our actions always have an impact on others.

How do we treat each other?

We are ONE team!
We focus on common objectives. We look for what we have in common and not what divides us. For us, other teams are an important part of the whole. We share responsibility for the decisions. We do our best to ensure good co-existence and solidarity. We share our common corporate values.

We utilise our diversity!
Our various approaches, our knowledge diversity and our different ideas make us strong. We consider that objective criticism is an important contribution, and take the advice of others seriously.

How do we manage?

We ensure transparency and dialogue!
We consider that the constant transfer of information is a key task of management. We consider what information is important or necessary for whom. We request that our employees provide us with relevant information. We regularly obtain a picture of what motivates our employees, and we actively obtain and provide feedback.

We challenge and encourage!
We create opportunities by way of challenges and freedom, and support the personal development of every individual by means of clarity and respect. We demand that we are provided with the agreed service. We set specific, measurable, challenging and realistic targets, and follow them up. We prevent individuals from boosting their own profile at the expense of others. In particular, we ensure that men and women are challenged and supported equally, and where necessary create suitable conditions. Our employees are a major guarantee for the success of the company.

We facilitate creativity!
We facilitate freedom, and in particular we facilitate freedom for ensuring that ideas can be communicated and discussed. We motivate and encourage employees to communicate and implement their ideas in the appropriate framework for their division. We wish ourselves the courage to question and where necessary change existing structures. We bear the responsibility for creative solutions.

How do we manage?

We set an example!
We are aware that our employees look to us and that we have a responsibility to set an example. We live up to our values of co-operation. Every day, we gain trust by accepting responsibility for agreements and values. We continue to be available in the event of any negative feedback, changes or uncertainty.

We act in line with entrepreneurial principles!
We ensure that we are constantly aware of the objectives of the company. We use this as the basis for establishing what the corporate objectives mean for our issues. We think in an enterprise-wide and far-sighted manner, beyond our own area of responsibility. We consider the short- and long-term consequences of our decisions.

Our brand portfolio