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About the freenet Group

The freenet Group offers its approximately 13 million customers products, services and hardware for mobile communications, TV and many other areas of digital life. In Germany, it takes on the role of the largest independent telecommunication provider. On the basis of its extensive portfolio, it considers itself to be a digital lifestyle provider.

In the company’s core business of Mobile Communications, the sales focus is on tariffs and services for which the freenet Group acquires customer ownership. All networks are offered, and the company offers its own tariffs as well as the original tariffs of the network operators. In order to meet the needs and demands of a wide range of customer groups, the freenet Group, operating with approximately 6,000 sales outlets throughout the whole of Germany, offers mobile communications tariffs and options (primarily in contract form) by online as well as offline means as part of a multi-brand strategy.

With regard to gaining new customers and managing existing customers, the main brand mobilcom-debitel focusses on high-quality postpaid contract relations. The discount brands klarmobil, freenetmobile, callmobile and debitel light also offer postpaid customer contracts. However, these contracts focus primarily on the no-frills sector.

In addition, the freenet Group supplies the digital lifestyle growth market with innovative digital applications relating to home automation and security, health, data security, entertainment and infotainment – including the latest smartphones, tablets, notebooks/PCs as well as accessories. With GRAVIS-Computervertriebsgesellschaft mbH (“GRAVIS”), the Group has established an excellent market position for marketing Apple products.

As a result of breaking into the new TV and Media segment, modern and high-definition digital TV in two technological versions has also been part of the product portfolio since 2016 – freenet TV for terrestrial TV and waipu.tv for IPTV entertainment.

As a result of the acquisition of the Media Broadcast Group (100 per cent), the sole commercial provider for DVB-T2-HD, with freenet TV the freenet Group offers TV viewing in optimum image quality via the new DVB-T2 HD standard. The antenna product has been extended to include an HD offering in the satellite field. Within the framework of its stake in EXARING AG (50.01 per cent), the freenet Group also offers Internet-based TV (with waipu.tv) which exclusively accesses a closed fibre optic network covering more than 12,000 kilometres. In this way, 80 TV stations (including half of the stations in HD quality) can be transferred quickly and easily to the user’s smartphone and then, via Google Chromecast or the Amazon Fire TV stick, to existing TVs at home.

The sales structure of the freenet Group is very heterogeneous. Approximately 570 directly controllable shops, the exclusive distribution right at Media-Saturn Deutschland in its approximately 430 electronics stores (in the mobile communication field exclusively for tariffs in the networks T-Mobile and Vodafone) as well as various online distribution channels across all brands guarantee extensive and very service-oriented marketing of the company’s services.

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