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As a digital lifestyle provider, the freenet Group offers its approximately 13 million customers innovative products for digital living. The Group's operations can be split into two basic segments: Mobile Communications, and TV and Media. In the Mobile Communications segment, the freenet Group markets mobile communications products and services relating to mobile contracts. In the TV and Media segment, the business model consists of providing and broadcasting media content, particularly the transmission of TV and radio signals.

Mobile Communications segment

The freenet Group’s core business is mobile communications. It offers mobile telecommunications and mobile Internet products, services and hardware. The portfolio is also being expanded to encompass a diverse range of digital lifestyle products, including mobile phone accessories, home entertainment (music and video offerings) and smart home applications. The Group uses a multi-brand strategy ranging from discount to premium brands to meet the needs of almost every customer group.

The freenet Group's unique selling proposition in the German market is the fact that its tariff portfolio includes the original tariffs of the three German network operators – Telekom, Vodafone and Telefónica Deutschland – while also marketing its own tariffs without operating its own mobile network. These tariffs are sold both online and/or offline via an extensive network of high-street branches depending on the brand strategy. Under its main brand mobilcom-debitel, the freenet Group operates both an online shop and a branch network consisting of about 530 stores. mobilcom-debitel also holds exclusive marketing rights for mobile communication services on the Telekom and Vodafone networks in more than 400 electronics stores operated by Media-Saturn-Deutschland GmbH (Media Markt and Saturn).

TV and Media segment

For more than 25 years, customer experience management, i.e. creating positive experiences that enable the customer to form an emotional bond with mobile communications products, has been the freenet Group’s most important core expertise. This expertise is also being transferred to the comparatively young TV and Media segment. The freenet Group has been active in the TV and Media segment via Media Broadcast GmbH (Cologne) and a majority holding in EXARING AG (Munich) since 2016. Media Broadcast GmbH designs, sets up and operates multimedia broadcast infrastructure for TV and radio based on state-of-the-art digital transmitter technology. Media Broadcast GmbH, and thus the freenet Group, is the sole provider of digital antenna TV (DVB-T2 HD) in the German market. The Group distributes TV content from public and private broadcasters to private end customers via the freenet TV brand.

The business model of EXARING AG is also based on the transmission of TV content from public and private broadcasters. The company broadcasts and sells video content via internet-based technology (IPTV) with an innovative app and exclusive access to a modern fibre-optic network stretching over approximately 12,000 km. The IPTV product is purchased and marketed to private users in a subscription model via the freenet Group’s distribution channels, among others. More than 100 TV stations are broadcast up to a minute faster than on traditional cable TV thanks to the rapid ‘low latency service’ data transmission process. High-speed streaming on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or home television makes it easy to receive this content. Fast, stable transmission combined with exceptional picture quality and an intuitive user interface has enabled waipu.tv to gain a relevant market position in the growing German IPTV market within just a few years.

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