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Safety first: mobilcom-debitel focuses on security at POS

Security at POS: mobilcom-debitel’s document verification device in action
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Security at POS: mobilcom-debitel’s document verification device in action


Security at POS is a major priority at mobilcom-debitel. As part of a pilot project in cooperation with the Bundesdruckerei GmbH (Federal Printing Office) the biggest network-independent telecommunications provider in Germany is testing a simple and reliable system for the verification of identity cards, passports and visa documents. The verification can take place right in the stores, and is an unprecedented step towards fraud prevention.

Effective fraud prevention is the goal of mobilcom-debitel’s unprecedented cooperation with Bundesdruckerei, Germany’s Federal Printing Office in Berlin. Bundesdruckerei develops and supplies systems solutions for secure identification and is one of the leading companies in this field. "The reason for the collaboration is obvious: too often mobile phone contracts are signed using false identity documents, which cannot always be distinguished from genuine documents by the trained staff at POS," says Jochen Otterbach, a Managing Director of mobilcom-debitel Shop GmbH. "This results in significant losses of hardware, commissions, or simply in high costs due to the huge usage of mobile services, for which the company has to pick up the bill at the end of the day." To help its employees on the ground detect forged documents, mobilcom-debitel is now testing its own document verification device in a six-month pilot project at 30 of its branches in Greater Berlin. The associated test software enables the fast, easy and reliable authentication of passports, visas and identity documents directly at the sales counter.

"A document verification device is installed in each of our test stores to check the current status of identity documents," said Otterbach, who is responsible for fraud prevention, among other things. Sustained and effective countermeasures are required to effectively prevent fraud: "The software analyses the documents for evidence of possible fraud and also produces a test report for each document, which is then archived," says Otterbach.

Maximum security = minimum fraud
The equipment is designed to minimise the risk of fraud and loss from the outset. "Our message is clear," says Otterbach. "Don’t try it with us! The verification devices we’ve installed will immediately identify anyone wanting to enter into a contract using false documents." After the test phase, mobilcom-debitel and Bundesdruckerei will jointly evaluate the pilot project. "We expect resoundingly positive results, and trust that the cooperation will help us to prevent as many fraudulent contracts as," adds Otterbach. Because even with the most meticulous work it is not always possible to reliably recognise professionally forged documents and so to prevent fraud in all cases. "After all, our employees are experts on telecommunications, broadband, and energy and should be able to focus fully on providing consultation to the customer.”

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