21.03.2011 - 10:00 Uhr

Never change a winning system: mobilcom-debitel launches Franchise+

New efficiency-boosting programme at mobilcom-debitel
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New efficiency-boosting programme at mobilcom-debitel


• A programme to increase the efficiency of all franchise partners
• Focus on franchise partners

No sooner has Retail+ ended than mobilcom-debitel is launching a new programme to increase efficiency: Franchise+ is designed to build on the successes of the branch network and extend them to the franchise partners. The project, which was launched last week, covers around 150 partners who are expected to increase their efficiency during an eight-week period using a package of measures, manpower and their own creativity. Retail+ has already demonstrated that the concept works.

Franchise+ is name of the new mobilcom-debitel GmbH partner programme and it builds on the proven success of the Retail+ content and structure, customised and adapted for mobilcom-debitel’s franchise partners. The project objectives are clear: greater efficiency through increased sales across all product categories and close cooperation between mobilcom-debitel GmbH and the franchise partners.

As with Retail+, the new programme also places the focus firmly on the partner. "Our franchise partners are our local experts and are most familiar with the local circumstances – they know best what does and doesn’t work," says Hubert Kluske, Managing Director of mobilcom-debitel Shop GmbH. "We want to systematically use and promote this knowledge." Franchise partners will receive support from every quarter, from the management to regional managers and the sales back-office. "Everyone will pull together," said Kluske, who is visiting various franchises and local partners to contribute his own personal experience in order to make Franchise+ as successful as possible.

A jointly compiled package of measures will also help the franchise partners. It consists of individual actions summed up in a strategy paper individually drawn up for each shop. "Of course we will keep jointly evaluating how well the measures are working, what is good and what is less good," said Kluske. "Based on this, measures may be adjusted as needed. After all, the whole idea is to identify the development potential of each store and to systematically exploit this potential." After the first quarter of the performance period, a balance is drawn up: the experience gained is reviewed, and the relevant measures are fine-tuned and optimised.

The franchise partners are not only supported in-house; to further promote the them locally, the programme provides the option of being coached in their day-to-day sales business for a fixed period of time. The performance management system we have developed is also used: the Sales Performance Index categorises various segments such as contract renewal, credit agreements, and electricity or accessory sales. By weighting these individual segments, each store can offset individual areas that have hardly a hope of increase due to the location with a different area, thereby contributing to the positive overall result despite local conditions.

"With Franchise+, we want to significantly increase each partner’s performance during the eight weeks of the programme. There is still room for improvement, particularly in the energy market," said Kluske. "However, the goal is clearly a lasting increase. 'Quick wins' are to lead to long-term success, which has many benefits: for the customer who profits from a more targeted approach and campaigns, as well as the partner and ourselves as the franchisor. If we achieve that, it’s a three-way win for us and our partner earns more money."

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