03.04.2013 - 15:00 Uhr

mobilcom-debitel presents new digital lifestyle cloud service across multiple networks and devices

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• mobilcom-debitel cloud is device-and network-independent, giving users long-term reliability and availability
• mobilcom-debitel cloud has low entry price point, grows along with users’ growing storage needs
• Hosted in Germany for maximum data security

mobilcom-debitel’s new ‘mobilcom-debitel cloud’ service promises users ‘security heaven’ on Earth. The offer is available as a mobile option starting immediately, and in two versions: for €1.99/month, ‘cloud Basic’ gives each user 25 GB of storage, while the 50 GB version ‘Cloud Pro’ can be booked as an option for a monthly price of €3.99 for those who need a bit more space. The service can be booked as an option by all new and existing customers, for every mobilcom-debitel tariff.

The ‘mobilcom-debitel Cloud’ ensures that all personal data – emails, contact information, appointments, photos, videos and music – is securely stored and always up to date. The service works on all internet-enabled devices, both web-based and via an app that is now available on Google Play and the iTunes Store. Hosted and operated in Germany, the service offers the highest level of data security and privacy.

“We offer a first-class cloud service that can be used across multiple devices and more importantly, across multiple networks,” says Frank Bösenkötter, Head of Products and Specials at mobilcom-debitel. “We’re the perfect choice for users who want security and would like to be able to continue using their cloud data even if they switch hardware or networks. The digital independence we offer is mobile communications convenience par excellence – which makes it a prime example of digital lifestyle.”

‘mobilcom-debitel Cloud’ at a glance:

All details are available online at www.mobilcom-debitel.de/cloud. The ‘Mobilcom-debitel Cloud Basic’ and ‘mobilcom-debitel Cloud Pro’ options are now available at mobilcom-debitel shops, MediaMarkt and Saturn stores, at retailers and online at www.mobilcom-debitel.de. For the outlet nearest you, please consult www.md.de/shopfinder.

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