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Executive Board of freenet AG

Christoph Vilanek 

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Stephan Esch

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Antonius Fromme

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Joachim Preisig

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Rickmann v. Platen

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Executive Board of freenet AG
Joachim Preisig, Antonius Fromme, Christoph Vilanek, Rickmann v. Platen, Stephan Esch

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Mobile Communications

Rickmann von Platen
Managing director of mobilcom-debitel GmbH
Head of Network operators management, Products & Offers and Purchasing

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Shop / Retail

Jochen Otterbach
Managing Director of mobilcom-debitel Shop GmbH & GRAVIS

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Jan Sperlich
Managing Director of GRAVIS

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Customer Service

Antonius Fromme
Head of customer management

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Human Resources

Nicole Engenhardt-Gillé
Head of Group HR

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