18.04.2011 - 10:00 Uhr

How smart can you get? The mobilcom-debitel ‘Flat Smart’

For just 25 euros a month mobilcom-debitel is now offering a new smartphone tariff on the Deutsche Telekom network. Every new ‘Flat Smart’ customer gets a mobile Internet flat rate, the SMS Allnet flat rate, an intra-network flat rate and 100 free minutes per month to all German mobile networks. The highlight is that customers who sign up now for a 24-month contract receive an extra 20 free call minutes to German mobile networks. Don’t have a smartphone? No problem: for just 10 euros a per month you can choose a handset from the wide range of smartphones offered by Germany's largest network-independent telecommunications provider.

The mobilcom-debitel ‘Flat Smart’ tariff offers all smartphone users a complete package for just 25 euros a month, for worry-free use of the Deutsche Telekom network. In addition to a flat rate for surfing the mobile Internet, the quasi-flat rate SMS Allnet (3,000 texts per month) and free calls within the Deutsche Telekom net, as an introductory promo every user will receive 120 free minutes of calls to German mobile networks if they sign up for a 24-month contract.

"With Flat Smart, we now offer all smartphone users perfect all-round service on the Deutsche Telekom network," said Frank Bösenkötter, head of Products & Offers at mobilcom-debitel. "You get top D1-Netz quality for mobile Internet use and additional flat rates and free minutes for truly worry-free, fun smartphone use, all at an unbeatable price!"

The mobilcom-debitel "Flat Smart" tariff at a glance:
• Mobile Internet flat rate
• SMS Allnet flat rate
• Free calls within the network
• 120 free minutes to all German mobile networks (Vodafone, O2, E-Plus, landlines);
• Contract duration: 24 months
• Connection fee: €25.95 (waived if order is placed online)
• Calls to German landlines (exceeding the free minutes): €0.29/minute
• Calls to other German mobile networks (exceeding the free minutes): €0.29/minute
• Contract duration: 24 months
• Package price: €25/month
• Mobile phone lease option: €10/month

The offer is now available in mobilcom-debitel shops, in Saturn and MediaMarkt stores, at selected retailers and online at www.md.de. For further information, find your nearest contact at www.md.de/shopfinder.

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