10.10.2011 - 07:30 Uhr

freenet AG and GRAVIS GmbH sign exclusive cooperation on marketing of mobile communications and Apple range

mobilcom-debitel shops will soon sell products from the GRAVIS range
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mobilcom-debitel shops will soon sell products from the GRAVIS range


freenet AG and GRAVIS Computervertriebsgesellschaft mbH have signed an exclusive marketing agreement covering the mobile communications offered by the freenet subsidiary mobilcom-debitel as well as products from the Apple range. From now on, the entire, network-independent mobile communications range of Germany’s largest service provider will be available at all 28 GRAVIS branches and at www.gravis.de. At the same time, mobilcom-debitel will begin introducing the Apple range of products sold by GRAVIS to its several hundred mobilcom-debitel shops across Germany.

The collaboration creates valuable synergies for both partners: GRAVIS is the German market leader for digital lifestyle products from the Apple world including the iPhone, iPad and Mac. mobilcom-debitel is the country’s biggest network-independent telecommunications provider, with a range covering all networks, all makes and models of devices, and all sorts of tariffs, and consulting and service-oriented expertise in mobile communications and energy (utilities). From now on, GRAVIS will be able to sell not only hardware, but also the corresponding mobile communications plans, while mobilcom-debitel will provide its customers with an even broader and very high-end selection of lifestyle hardware.

All 28 GRAVIS branches will be equipped with mobilcom-debitel products and specially trained staff. In return, the mobilcom-debitel shops will be upgraded, with Apple products including iPads and accessories on offer – ideally in combination with the perfect data tariff for the user. The strategic partnership is rounded off with POS materials that draw customers’ attention to the expanded range in the respective shops.

Learning from each other – for the customer’s benefit
“We strive to attract high-quality customers – that’s our strategy in the marketplace. With the lifestyle products from GRAVIS and top customer consultation, we will strengthen our positioning in the premium segment long-term,” says freenet AG CEO Christoph Vilanek. “Besides, we’ve gained excellent experience in the past few months with a pilot project involving accessory shops – the cooperation fully picks up on this.”

Archibald Horlitz, founder and CEO of GRAVIS, also sees obvious advantages to the partnership: “By partnering with mobilcom-debitel, we are bringing mobile communications expertise in-house in the truest sense of the word. Our customers stand to benefit from this.“

Vilanek adds: “We are very happy to have won GRAVIS as a strategic partner for our chain of shops. I’m convinced that GRAVIS’s expertise and its fabulous Apple products will considerably enhance the appeal of our mobilcom-debitel Shops.“
“mobilcom-debitel makes it possible for us to provide all our customers with expert, network-independent telecoms consultation pertaining to iPhones and iPads. At the same time, GRAVIS’s expansion into mobilcom-debitel shops enhances our Position as Apple’s biggest partner in Germany,” says Horlitz.

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