04.07.2011 - 16:30 Uhr

‘Flat Allnet’: mobilcom-debitel gives Germany its ‘flattest’ mobile flat rate ever

• Only 29.90 euros per month over the entire contract period

For unlimited chatting and surfing: mobilcom-debitel now offers subscribers a ‘Flat Allnet’ flat-rate at the fixed low price of just 29.90 euros a month. The all-inclusive smartphone tariff from Germany's largest network-independent telecommunications provider offers a flat rate for surfing the mobile internet as well as flat-rate calls to all German mobile networks and landlines. Users also have the option of adding an SMS flat rate for unlimited texts to all German networks for 9.90 euros per month. Frequent surfers can also choose the ‘Speed’ mobile-internet option (1GB) for just five euros per month – a perfect complement. The new low, all-round tariff is now available from mobilcom-debitel’s online shop at www.md.de.

"Our Flat Allnet sets us apart from the competition’s comparable deals by being as transparent as it is attractive," says Frank Bösenkötter, head of Products & Offers at mobilcom-debitel. "With us, the price is fixed at 29.90 euros per month - even after the first 24 months of the contract period. The new offer makes Smartphones fun - and at a sensationally low price. This is true freedom in phone calls and surfing."

The mobilcom-debitel ‘Flat Allnet’ tariff at a glance:
• Flat-rate calls to German landlines
• Flat-rate calls to all German mobile networks
• Flat-rate surfing on the mobile internet
• One-off set-up fee of €25.95
• Texts to all German mobile networks and landlines for €0.19 each
• Contract period: 24 months
• Package price: €29.90 per month over the entire contract period
• 25 euros credit for retaining your existing number

‘Flat Allnet’ tariff options:
• SMS flat-rate to all German networks for €9.90 per month
• ‘Speed’ option (1 GB) for faster mobile internet access: €5 per month
• Options can be cancelled monthly

The offer is now available online at www.md.de.

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