09.05.2011 - 10:00 Uhr

Black is beautiful: mobilcom-debitel launches Black Level Club

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• mobilcom-debitel and BlackBerry strengthen strategic partnership
• Success by focusing on B2C

Black is beautiful: This axiom is true not only in the world of fashion and cars, but also in telecommunications. mobilcom-debitel, the largest network-independent telecommunications provider in Germany, and BlackBerry, the innovative manufacturer of leading-edge smartphones, are strengthening their partnership by setting up "Black Level Clubs." As well as enhancing the attractiveness of the shops, the aim of this initiative is to boost consulting and sales at POS and to further strengthen awareness of the BlackBerry brand and mobilcom-debitel among end customers. The first few weeks have shown the campaign to be a success.

An invitation was sent to all mobilcom-debitel employees who work at POS on a daily basis: join an entirely new kind of cooperation - the Black Level Club. There are plenty of incentives for shop employees to qualify for the exclusive club and benefit from its many advantages. For instance, Black Level Club members clubs receive their own personal BlackBerry smartphone, which they can use to email, text and of course make call phones free of charge. "We feel it is very important that our colleagues at POS not only know the basic functions of each unit, but especially the useful tricks for everyday use, which can win over potential customers during the sales consultation," says Christoph Preuss, CEO of mobilcom-debitel GmbH. "Employees learn this in training, but also and especially by using the handsets provided by BlackBerry on a daily basis." Club members also get exclusive advance information and the opportunity to participate in customised individual promotional coaching sessions. In addition, there are attractive competitions and incentives open exclusively to club members.

Response among the staff has been great, says Preuss: "More than 1,000 employees applied for a Black Level Club BlackBerry. The response has exceeded all our expectations." Registered staff had to qualify as club members during the first phase, which ended last week. "Many colleagues were so motivated that they reached the set targets well before the deadline. As an extra incentive, they were immediately given their BlackBerry starter kits." Altogether, more than 130 staff were able to qualify for the club.

mobilcom-debitel is not only well positioned nationwide with its mobilcom-debitel shops, but offers the largest selection of BlackBerry devices at POS at mobile phone retail outlets – and the trend is still upward. "The times when the BlackBerry was seen as a purely business brand are over," says Preuss. "Many end users want a smartphone that has a comfortable keyboard, a large display and easy access to emails and social media applications - and are opting for the BlackBerry in stores."

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