• Sustainability
Sustainable and responsible action as part of corporate culture and value creation

For the freenet Group, corporate responsibility means more than just a narrow focus on commercial and thus economic responsibility. The freenet Group is aware of its various roles, which is why its corporate culture is shaped by a philosophy that also focuses on the interests of its stakeholders. Sustainable and responsible action is thus a part of ensuring our company’s business success and future, but it is based primarily on economic responsibility. This is because economic success is the fundamental requirement for us to be able to generate value for our various stakeholders.

The freenet Group feels that it has a direct responsibility to its employees, customers and shareholders, as well as to the ecological and social environment at each company location and in the context of society as a whole. The acceptance of this responsibility is reflected in the following key aspects:

  • As an employer, the freenet Group believes the skills and motivation of its employees are decisive factors for ensuring the company’s long-term economic success.
  • The freenet Group accepts digital responsibility: data protection and security are the top priority.
  • In its responsibility to its customers, the freenet Group focusses on long-term customer relationships – based primarily on high-quality service and customer satisfaction.
  • In the context of its environmental responsibility, the freenet Group explicitly endorses the most efficient use of resources and energy possible. This is not only important for the company’s economic success’, it is also critical to reducing carbon emissions.
  • In terms of combatting corruption, the freenet Group is committed not only to all applicable laws and standards, but also to the underlying ethical principles.
  • Regarding the design of its supply chain, the freenet Group is aware of its responsibility for protecting the environment and human rights. The relevant policies address the corresponding sustainability aspects.

Detailed information about the aspects mentioned can be found in the non-financial statement on pages 79-96 in our Annual Report 2020
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