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Corporate Governance stands for a process of corporate management and control that adopts an attitude of responsibility while aiming for long-term value creation. Key elements are the efficient collaboration between the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board, the respect for all shareholder interests, and openness and transparency in corporate communications.

With its German Corporate Governance Code, a German government commission has compiled a set of rules which particularly contains recommendations on good corporate governance in terms of ethical behaviour on the part of employees and managers of companies and organisations.

The intention of the German Corporate Governance Code is to make Germany’s corporate governance rules transparent and understandable, with the aim of promoting the trust of investors, customers, employees and the public in the management and monitoring of German listed companies.

The full text of the code and further information about the code can be found here.

Each year, freenet AG issues a statement of compliance in which it declares which recommendations of the German Corporate Governance Code it deviated from in the previous year and which recommendations it intends to deviate from in the future.


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