• Sustainability

With comprehensive stakeholder value in mind, freenet AG not only has a direct responsibility towards its customers, shareholders and employees, but also for the ecological and social conditions at each company location.

freenet AG as an employer

Motivation, responsibility, team spirit and identification with the company

The motivation and competence of a company’s employees are key components for its enduring success. In this perspective, freenet AG has set itself the goal of optimising its staff qualification and development, while continuously improving its attractiveness as an employer internally and externally.
Social engagement

Responsibility for the social conditions

The company supports associations, organizations and projects close to the company's locations. For further information visit our German Site
Environmental protection

Responsibility for the ecological conditions

In the area of environmental protection, a wide variety of initiatives and processes reflect freenet AG’s sense of ecological responsibility.

These include online reports and invoices, the collection of used mobile phones, the recycling of packaging, telephone and video conferencing instead of business travel, sustainably designed logistical processes, and—last but not least—the data centre in Dusseldorf, which uses energy-saving systems.

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