• Sustainability
Sustainable and responsible action as part of corporate culture

A key element of the freenet Group’s corporate culture is a philosophy which also focusses on the interests of the company’s stakeholders. In this respect, the freenet Group considers that it has a direct responsibility regarding its employees, customers, shareholders, also with regard to the ecological and social environment at the respective company locations and also within the context of society as a whole.

The perception of this responsibility is reflected in the following key aspects:

  • As an employer, the freenet Group considers that the skills and motivation of its employees are vital components for ensuring long-term success of the company. In its responsibility as an employer, the freenet Group therefore aims to qualify and further develop its employees in an optimum manner and at the same time to continuously improve its internal and external attractiveness as an employer. For further information visit our German web page „WIR ALS ARBEITSGEBER“.
  • The freenet Group takes on digital responsibility: Data protection and security enjoy maximum priority for the freenet Group. In addition to the operational framework, this also comprises cooperation with government authorities for the protection of critical infrastructures.
  • In its responsibility regarding its customers, the freenet Group also focuses on sustainable customer relations: They are based on a high degree of service quality, customer satisfaction and also sustainable product solutions which go beyond offering attractive tariffs and devices.
  • Within the scope of its environmental responsibility, the freenet Group explicitly endorses the climate protection endeavours formulated in the international context. Maximum efficiency regarding the use of resources and efficient handling of energy are not only important for the company's economic success; they are also key factors for reducing CO2 emissions. A wide variety of initiatives and processes reflect this tenor. Besides the use of energy-efficient technology, dispatching online invoices, the collection of used mobile phones, the recycling of packaging, telephone and video conferencing instead of business travel, sustainably designed logistical processes add in.
  • Regarding combatting corruption, the freenet Group is committed to the prevailing laws and standards and the underlying ethical principles: It is aware of the negative effects of economic crime, it condemns corruption strongly and has adopted a policy of zero tolerance.
  • Regarding the design of its supply chain, the freenet Group is aware of its environmental responsibility and responsibility regarding human rights. To underline its own responsibility, the relevant guidelines contain corresponding sustainability aspects which have to be taken into consideration in all purchasing decisions.

Detailed information regarding the above-mentioned activities of the freenet Group can be found in the non-financial statement on pages 111-120 of the recent annual report.

Additionally, the freenet Group supports associations, organizations and projects close to the company's locations. For further information visit our German web page Charity.

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